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11 September 2015

Website Design and Development for RSL QLD

Another successful website development for the RSL Australia.

With simple messaging, intuitive navigation, engaging photos and parallax animation, we are getting the message across to a new generation of military veterans that support and advocacy is available to them at all times. The face of the RSL is changing and Thought Balloon Creative is pleased to be a important part of the process, providing effective design, photography and online presence direction.

Director of Thought Balloon, Brenden Bates says;

With more websites like this, that engage members of the community and quickly inform them that support services are available, we hope to play a role in reducing the level of risk and suffering that returned service personal and their families endure alone. The services are in place, and committed teams and individuals are working tirelessly to try and identify and prevent the increasing rates of suicide and depression, among many other difficulties and injustices faced by so many who deserve better treatment and understanding. I look forward to working with more individual RSL Sub-branches, District Committees, and hopefully State and National level boards, to reflect the true objectives of the RSL as presented by projects with the Sunshine Coast RSL, North Bondi RSL, and the RSL Veterans’ Centre East Sydney.


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